Thank You For Taking Part

Thank you for responding to our e-mail. We would really appreciate your input. We are asking for 20 minutes of your valuable time. We would like your views on whether as a manufacturer of tanks from sheet metal you face specific issues when it comes to selling your products online.

During the research call we will share our work with manufacturers and distributors in corrugated packaging and benefits we have brought.

If you are willing to take part, please select a convenient time and date.

Want to know more before proceeding?

The funding award by Innovate UK under the Manufacturing Made Smarter programme reflects the highly innovative nature of our work and the potential gains for UK manufacturers selling made to order goods. We automate some of the repetitive tasks done by salespeople required to sell the right products to the right customers: needs collection; product selection; design for manufacturing; costing.

Effective automation of selling means we:

  • Cut reliance on salespeople in the qualification stage freeing up key resources
  • Hold a unique sales conversation for each website visitor based on actual need not just product order taking
  • Accelerate the time to quote – mostly created and delivered immediately
  • Improve sales consistency and deliver best practice completely every time
  • Collect key data about how prospects respond to progressively refine sales process 

Our work in corrugated packaging

Most corrugated packaging is manufactured by converting flat sheets using a series of machining processes such as printing, slit/slot/score/diecut, fold, glue/staple. Machinery varies based on size, substrate, process, and quantity, and most converters operate multiple lines and select according to requirements on each job and capacity.

Our system works on existing websites to collect the customer’s stated requirements: any box, any size, any material, any base design, printed or plain, any quantity.: several hundred base designs and several hundred material options. These selections are checked for alternatives and for suitability eg load strength, fill process, stacking pattern/crush strength, use conditions eg ambient, frozen, humid/damp. Also design for manufacture is reviewed eg sizing for machinery, known production issues in specific characteristics. We then estimate cost of manufacture using existing rules such as raw materials plus machine time or per unit process costs.

The system can be used in ‘expert mode’ to allow fast entry of requirements and quotes for example by a telesales operator, or in full ‘customer mode’ where there is a step based process to collect the required information supported with dynamically created pictures of the planned product to check everything is properly understood.

Why we are asking for your help

We are not experts in the manufacture or sale of tanks. However, our research suggests that there are several similarities in production and sales process. We don’t want to assume, we want to talk with experts.

If a clear need exists for our technology, we will be looking for strategic partners bringing the product to market. These partners will benefit being first to market on advantageous terms in return for their help.  would you be willing to give 20 minutes of your time to explore?

Not for you?

We understand this may not be for everyone, but we would value your feedback. Please email any comments to