Productivity Gain – How Machines and AI can aid Sales Automation and Business Growth

Wish your sales team was more productive?

You’re not alone! Frustrated, annoyed, or uncertain. An internet of advice and claimed solutions. 19 steps to success… is this for real!

But pause for a moment and reflect. Buyers want to buy. It’s what they do. Most begin work researching digitally. So KISS. Focus on the first touchpoint and enable.

Member network group CeeD see it this way and invited Rich Ingram of AMO to meet with members.

Rich commented:

Embracing productivity is easy. Just work the right leads. Who’s the best at qualifying? Considered the buyers themselves?

Enabling buyers digitally is a win:win. They start the sales process themselves. No wonder the pace of tech innovation is nuts.

Then Covid threw the importance skyward as offices emptied. So making sense of it all can be stifling.  But the concept is simple.

Enabling buyers means removing roadblocks. So use machines for problem diagnosis, option evaluation, costing and more. Done right self service can build buying confidence fast.

Think your stuff is too complex for machines? In ‘custom make’ it can be mind bending with so many options. At AMO we’re busy ‘cracking it in packing it’. Thanks to CeedD. Awesome to share our know-how from the packaging industry. Great to meet so many companies and academics from the group.

Want more? Checkout the full session recording  here.

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