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First aid at work

150,000 people died last year through lack of appropriate first aid according to St Johns Ambulance.

A proportion of those deaths happen in the workplace or a public place where there is a duty of care by the employer. The person responsible in your own workplace knows how simple but at the same time how complex dealing with Health & Safety can be. Guidance containing the words ‘Reasonable’, ‘Sensible’ and ‘Appropriate’ leaves uncomfortable gaps when it comes to considering whether you have fulfilled your duty of care responsibilities.

Consider the ‘classic’ statement: “You are not expected to anticipate unforeseeable risks!” How kind, because you know that means: Everything else is your responsibility.

So, how do you go about handling such a minefield?

Expert help

When you are unsure what to do, talking with an expert often helps. They have the knowledge and experience to ask you the right questions, to collect the right information, which guides you to the right decisions.

In the world of Health & Safety, this could be questions like ‘Do any of your staff have asthma?’.  When your mind is focussed on what your business does and what risks it creates, it may not be your first thought to consider what hidden, but chronic medical conditions your staff bring to work with them.

Equally, if members of the public routinely visit, what additional provisions must you make?

Structured process

Risk levels and staff numbers play a role in how many first aiders with what training you should have in your workplace. Then consider multiple shifts, staggered working days, irregular working patterns, site layout and size. Add holiday cover. All these items must be factored in. Don’t forget home workers.

Training needs to be refreshed.  First aid kit supplies kept in date – confused by use and replenishment.  Making sure everything is dealt with in a timely way could become an arduous task.

Your organisation could be responsible for one of the 150,000 death statistic.  Would it matter if that person did not even work for you and was just visiting as a customer?

What’s the solution?

Take a look at our software. Dialogue that enables you to benefit from expert input – cover those items you had not previously considered. A structured process supported by an intuitive collaborative workspace helps you keep track of resources – first aiders and first aid kits. Alerts and reminders to prompt timely action. Plus a part finder to easily replenish or replace consumed resources. Software saving lives.

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