Artificial Intelligence (AI) leaving you behind?

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DeepMind plays Go

Google DeepMind is already brilliant technology. It is mind-bendingly clever, but there is a huge gap between current capability and potential. This creates the impression it is ‘not ready’. It will undoubtedly be developed with unrivalled resources, and will acquire and learn capabilities that revolutionise something.

Similarly, with IBM’s Watson and IPSoft’s Amelia – great things are on the horizon.  But it seems they are not quite there yet for mainstream adoption?

This is only true in part. If you have the resources (money not being the least) then these technologies are changing the world in discrete areas – NOW.

Can a robot make your health better?

Fitbit reckons they can. But is that just marketing spin creating a consumer trend?  There are other players on the block you may not have heard of…

NextIT’s robot “Alme” has developed quickly. That’s just as well because its sole purpose is to keep people alive. Sure it can do easy stuff like remind you to take a pill, but you might be surprised just how effective and engaging the natural language interface has become.  Working today it can help patients by engaging as a 1:1 health coach, get them informed and motivated, as well as keeping track of all the boring stuff that the medics actually really need to help.

So what’s your point?

My point is simple. This stuff works already. Not looking at how AI can help you drive sales and profits in your business is like suggesting that you will get round to using computers “when they work”? Or think about the internet when all the security wrinkles and regulations have been sorted out? You wouldn’t do that – would you?

AI is out there and ready to use – it comes in many shapes and sizes and also with varying price tags!

AI in action making you wealthier

People cost money. Finding them, hiring them, training them, motivating them etc. Then they go off sick, or don’t follow your process, or just plain leave to join a competitor! However, particularly in B2B where products are often complex and time is quite literally money, shunting people onto a self-serve website may not be your smartest move. A key consideration is how to deliver service online that will enable sales and drive margins.

What does it look like? It looks a lot like your best salespeople. An account manager that can talk with your customers and understand and then recommend products based on need, can get routine stuff done, or keep a dialogue going to build your customer relationships. Furthermore they can pitch new product offerings to customers that might need them.

Sound too good to be true? Take a look at our software that delivers Account Management Online at Its real, and its here, it doesn’t cost the earth and its waiting to help you make more money. Don’t put off what you can do today, your competitors certainly won’t be waiting.

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