Can’t take orders online because your products are custom-made?
You can now. With AMO.

AMO is a piece of software that works like a digital salesperson on your website. It collects requirements, provides quotes and sells custom-made items to your website visitors in real time.

You want to sell more through your website, but…

You sell custom-made products, and currently, there’s no way your customers can order online without talking to your sales team and getting a custom quote first.

And that’s a cumbersome process. Not only do you rely on your prospects taking the first step and contacting you, but a single inquiry can take several days to handle — several days during which a prospect has enough time to check out your competitor’s offers and reconsider.

Meet AMO, your digital salesperson.

AMO is software that takes the role of a salesperson and provides custom quotes to prospects who visit your website in real time, 24/7.

In addition to offering the largest range of stocked packaging, warehouse and office supplies in Europe, we also offer a comprehensive range of bespoke and custom packaging, specifically targeting ecommerce companies that want to offer a branded product to their customers.  

We recognised that by increasing our speed to quote custom products and by offering a high level of product expertise, then we could offer our customers a better experience and increase our conversion rate, therefore we approached AMO to support us with this objective.

After we started using AMO, we saw immediate positive results to our process as well as our bottom line. Now, we are able to respond to inquiries immediately and help our customers decide what to order on the spot, without them checking competitor sites.

AMO has been helping us engage our prospects and capture leads for 4 years now. The sales of our bespoke items keep growing, and we expect to double them this year. We are now working on integrating AMO technology in our operations in Europe.

Tom Rodda, Managing Director, RAJA UK

How does AMO work?

Designed to substitute a salesperson

AMO isn’t a helper or an assistant. It’s designed to substitute a salesperson on your website. It knows everything your salespeople know and is able to figure out your prospects’ requirements and provide them with a custom quote the same way as if you’d answer their inquiry in person.
AMO engages your customer reflecting previous pages visited
AMO engages your customer reflecting previous pages visited
AMO helps your customer identify which design is best for them
AMO helps your customer identify which design is best for them

Renders website content dynamically

There’s only so much information you can give your prospects in a dialogue window. AMO is able to render the content on your website dynamically to navigate your prospects to a different page or to customize parts of the content on the fly.

Easy to install

Installing AMO on your website is a matter of minutes. You just need to paste a code snippet into your website.

AMO delivers real time estimates and progresses the sale to point of ordering
AMO delivers real time estimates and progresses the sale to point of ordering

AMO features your prospects will love


Absolutely. Interactions with AI have become mainstream already before COVID-19, and the global pandemic only intensified this trend. Your prospects came to your website because they’d like to get a custom quote. If you provide them with an easy way to do that, they’d be happy to engage.

Unlike people, computers can do what they are programmed to do repeatedly and with no mistakes. AMO can access, recall and use huge quantities of data. Once tested, AMO is as close to being error-free as you’ll ever get.

We help you to initially train AMO based on your existing processes and knowledge base. We will also support you in updating AMO’s knowledge base to reflect the changes in your company’s processes. A self-service console that would allow you to update AMO yourself will be available in the next version, which will be released in March 2021. 

You can view the records of every interaction in a dashboard and export any data as a PDF or spreadsheet. We’re planning to add a “watch live” functionality soon, which will allow you to observe prospect interaction with AMO in real time.